Monthly Archive: May 2019


The Art of Double Cleansing

Yep.. It’s an art Most times one cleanse is not sufficient to cleanse your skin of sunscreen, make up or dirt. You cleanse and go over with a cotton pad n toner and you are appalled by what you see on the pad. You might wonder and think this is a no brainer, everyone knows what double cleansing is….but you… Read More »


My Bodycare Routine

My bodycare routine is one of the questions I get asked a lot. I don’t pay as much attention to my body ..well like I do to  my face. However, know that I WAS BORN LIGHTSKINNED. I emphasize this because I get some funny questions where people are lowkey asking me how to get lighter. My response to this….wrong number…LOL.… Read More »


Review – SkinBetter AlphaRet Intensive Overnight Treatment

Based on the success I had with the Even Tone Correcting serum (see review here), I decided to try their retinol. They have two versions and I got the intensive version being a seasoned retinol user and my dear friend Joy told me the regular version would be too mild for me. I was really intrigued by the ingredient list… Read More »