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Blog One Year Anniversary and Morocco Haul

My blog is a year old!!! Time flies!!! Took me so long to start this blog and so grateful for everyone who has taken their time to read and contribute one way or the other to it.I had this long speech planned but will keep it simple.Thank you so much! Now to the haul Anytime I travel outside Nigeria, I… Read More »


Beauty Shopping in Dubai + Haul

Whenever I go on holiday anywhere, I try to have a look at what they have in store beauty wise and Dubai was no different. Previous trips to Dubai, I would get re-ups of my favourite Olay serum and Jergens body lotion both of which have been discontinued sadly. I know this summer, a lot of you will be heading… Read More »

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New Skincare in My Stash

For some reason I was able to control myself and not buy a lot of skincare while I was away. I am now focused on simple and effective routines and the few purchases I made were repurchases and/or replacements. I am particularly proud as I went into my favourite stores and saw a LOT of my favourite products but I… Read More »