How I Cleared Hormonal Acne

I was one of those who never had pimples growing up. I didn’t know what it was like to use Ten-O-Six or SeaBreeze neither did I have to do anything for my skin to look good but thanks to my mum and aunt, I still used decent skincare. Fast forward many years later, I would breakout on my forehead every month without fail and I don’t know which was more annoying, the breakouts or the spots they left behind! The forehead breakouts coincided with my monthly period (which just goes to show that facemap thing on social media is total BS! I never get acne on my jaw during my period)

In 2013, I cleaned up my diet considerably and my skin got better but I still had the breakouts every month. After a bit of research and stalking trusted skincare gurus, I finally got rid of the pesky hormonal breakouts for good and here is how.

*Point to note: this is what worked for ME, you may need to see a dermatologist or esthetician for your skin

AM routine
Cleansing daily with salicylic acid based gel cleanser. I used the iS Clincal Cleansing Gel and alternated with Medik8 Pore cleanse gel.Toner was the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid. This is the particular one that worked for me. I know there is a lotion/gel version but the liquid one is everything and more. I also used The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc but I must warn you after the first bottle, the magic disappeared. Moisturiser was the Cosrx Oil free ultra moisturising lotion and I was religious with sunscreen.

PM routine
I kept it simple most nights. I ensured I took my make up off first with a cleansing balm. Knowing I would be treating acne with products that may be drying, I followed with a hydrating cleanser (Laroche Posay Gentle Hydrating Cleanser or Cerave Hydrating Cleanser) and if I had a breakout I dabbed on the spot with the Paula’s choice then followed with Differin for a maximum of 4 nights a week and used retinol or a hydrating serum on the other nights. The Differin which is 1% Adapalene (a retinoid) I believe along with the Paula’s Choice were the game changers for me. Sometimes after I apply the Differin and feel dry, I follow with an oil or moisturiser. I also didn’t neglect hydration.

I also started taking my supplements seriously. I took Fish Oil (you can also take StarFlower Oil) and Evening Promise oil as well.After I stopped getting the breakouts, I started tackling the hyperpigmentation left behind and this has not been an easy feat! Slowly and surely, I am getting there. One other thing I do till date is to switch to this routine a week before my period to avoid breakouts (attack before you are attacked…LOL)

None of these changes happened overnight and everything takes time but trust me on this. These products work! You just need patience and consistency. It’s not that I don’t get breakouts anymore but maybe once in a while especially when I have been eating dairy or junk food but I don’t get the forehead infestation of pimples anymore and the PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) left behind has literally disappeared.

The right products, a good diet, consistency and patience go a long way in getting clear skin

Are you struggling with acne of any type? What did you do about it? Let’s talk in the comment section.


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8 Responses

  1. Opeyemi says:

    Thanks for sharing….I am dealing with hormonal acne. I never used to have acne ,so this so scarce and embarrasses me alot. Where can I purchase these products ? If you can also help I would be glad.

  2. Lamide says:

    Lol maybe those face maps aren’t total BS though cos my jawline gets infested around/during shark week :(. I started using the PC bha recently and I notice I get new pimples the next day, almost like a closed comodone coming to a head (I’m not sure if this is one of the initial effects). I also just ordered evening primrose and vit c with rose hip cos these hormones need to be put in check -_-

    • My point is a pimple on your forehead does not necessarily mean something is off with your small intestine. Every skin and body is different and the face map is just unnecessary scaremongering

  3. Lola says:

    I can so relate to this post. I had zero acne as a teenager and all of a sudden…BOOM! My biggest problem now is the scars cos I’m light in complexion so every pimple leaves a scar. What do you use To help fade the scars?

  4. Lami says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing this.
    Please can you often make a list of the products at the end and probably a link or links on where we can get them from. Thank you.

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