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I’m sure you are wondering why I’m writing a post on how to wash your face as it’s a no brainer right? Wrong! This simple act has so many versions so it is easy to get confused.

Far too often, many people tell me about how they do not need to wash their face in the morning (where do you live??????) or how they are too tired to wash their face at night! Back in the day, the word “cleanser” meant a harsh, alcohol based liquid applied with cotton wool (raise your hands if you ever used Ten-o-six or SeaBreeze) but infact those were toners. Which is why I understand the confusion when I ask people what cleanser they use and they say ‘oh I don’t use cleansers’ but they mean toners……I hope I haven’t confused you.

Cleansing is by far the most important part of your skincare routine. If this step is not done properly, anything you put on your face afterwards goes to waste. Ideally you should cleanse your face twice a day regardless of how tired you are (or how many drinks you have had).Note that wipes don’t count! Most wipes contain alcohol and just drag the dirt and grime around your face.

Lets get to it

What do you need? A cleanser (gel/cream/milk), a balm or oil cleanser and a flannel/ washcloth (optional)

In the morning, you need to wash you face to get rid of sweat from the night before and skincare from the previous night’s routine. A gel cleanser is perfect if you have oily skin and a cream or milk cleanser if you have dry skin. My skin is currently oily/combination as I believe in skin seasons not skin types (will address this in another post). I currently use Medik8 Pore Cleanse gel which contains salicylic, mandelic and lactic acid but I have previously used Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser. Dispense a pea sized amount on your fingertips and massage all over your face. You can wipe off with a wet, warm flannel or simply rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. After the cleanse you can continue with your morning skincare routine

If you are going outdoors, sunscreen is non-negotiable and you may decide to wear makeup. I don’t know where you live but down here it is hot and sometimes humid so in the evenings, I always do a double cleanse. This is by far one of the favourite parts of my day as I literally take the day off my face. I start by washing my hands (this is very important) and if I wear lipstick or mascara, I take it off with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water and gently sweep across my eye and lips. After this, I go in with my cleansing balm on a dry face and massage properly.(I currently use the Heimish All Clean Cleansing Balm but I have previously used Clinique Take The Day Off, The BodyShop Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter as well as cleansing oils like The Bodyshop Camomile Cleansing Oil and Una Brennan Vitamin C Brightening Cleansing Oil but I prefer balms to oils as they are less messy. I add a bit of water to my face to emulsify (turn milky) and either rinse off or wipe off with a warm, wet flannel. I then go in with my second cleanser to actually clean my skin which is the Jordan Samuel Plie (now called AfterShow) Treatment Cleanser which is also a gel cleanser and massage thoroughly, emulsify and wipe off with a warm, wet flannel. I always make sure I wash my neck and hairline and wipe or rinse off the cleanser properly to avoid breakouts. If you don’t like the idea of a balm or oil cleanser, you can sweep a cotton pad soaked with micellar water all over your face to take off make up/sunscreen or both and follow with a cleanser.

PM cleanse, double cleanse, Heimish

This method of cleansing known as double cleansing and made popular by Caroline Hirons really helped to clear my skin and most people will say you don’t need to double cleanse if you don’t wear makeup (to each his/her own) but I top up my sunscreen religiously and I know it will take more than one cleanse to get all that sunscreen off. I also have over two dozen flannels but I use one the whole day and put them in the wash at the end of the week but I stopped using a flannel in the mornings to avoid stripping my skin.

Regarding cleansing brushes, I used the Neutrogena one for about 3 months many years ago but it just isn’t for me. The brush plus acid toners, vitamin C, Retin A and other things were just too much for my skin to handle

I hope this post has helped someone know how to wash their face properly as this may be the cause of your skin issues. I would try to do a demonstrative video of my routine as requested.

In the meantime, to jumpstart one reader’s journey to better skin, I am giving away what I call a ‘cleansing kit’. This is a goodie bag containing the Heimish All Clean Cleansing Balm which I love so much, the CosRx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser and two flannels (so you will always have a clean one)


Giveaway, double cleanse, flannel, cosrx

Rules for entry

Follow me on instagram @that.geminigirl, tag two friends and tell me why you think you deserve this kit.

Entry closes 31st October 2017






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14 Responses

  1. Pj says:

    I would love to win because I need to get into a routine ASAP and this will be a Fab jumpstart. MY SKIN NEEDS HELP!

  2. @seoulchoboja says:

    I enjoyed reading. I already made a mental note to comment ‘please show us a video of your routine’ while I was reading but then you wrote at the end that your were going to do that so I’m looking forward to the video lol. I’m so not a big fan of facial wipes I just feel they are too harsh for my skin. Tbh I don’t always double cleanse, although I have this albolene cleanser (I don’t really like how it feels honestly) maybe that’s why I haven’t been serious with the double cleansing. I guess I could try the micellar water. Thanks for the giveaway too although I can’t join because my skin hates foaming cleansers *cries hot tears* and the heimish balm seems like it contains oils that will be problematic for my skin :(. Looking forward to the next post and giveaway :p

    • LOL…yeah that was for you. Awwww sorry about that. So what do you use now? Have you tried Cerave? There is a Laroche Posay one as well. Highly recommended by dermatologists. It’s called the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. I know LRP and Avene make cleansers suitable for sensitive skin….

      • @seoulchoboja says:

        Lol it’s fine :). Right now I’m using this Grisi sulfur bar soap seems like my face prefers bar soaps :s plus it doesn’t contain any problematic coconut derived ingredient and it is sulfur (super ingredient for me) which has really help with clearing my hormonal/steroid induced acne. I tried the Cerave foaming cleanser but I got the same reaction – rashes. I also got the Cerave hydrating cleanser although I haven’t tried it yet. I heard of the LRP one too it is a cleanser I hope to try. I’m just worried that my face might not be properly cleansed if I use only a hydrating cleanser. According to what I read they don’t foam right?

  3. Niks says:

    Please Please let me win this Bisi, you already got me trying the double cleansing with coconut oil and my Garnier facial wash but I’ve also just learned something new now. Might not seem much but the tip about removing mascara and lipstick before going over the whole face. Sigh. I’m still a learner, forgive me… I need to win this because I just want my skin to go back to those days I could go out without wearing makeup. Now I’m rambling but you get my point? Please let me win. Please? Thanks

    • Yeah the cleansing balm contains oils but you will only breakout if you don’t wash off completely although there are people who can’t tolerate oils at all. The cleanser is a non-foaming gel cleanser and is probably the best low pH cleanser out there. I never use foaming cleansers as they strip the skin

      • @seoulchoboja says:

        Lol I guess you meant to reply this on my post. I tried a sample of the low ph cleanser before and it caused rashes around my eyes and on my nose. Apparently I’m sensitive to coconut derived stuff like the cocamidopropyl betaine which is present in this cosrx cleanser and all other foaming cleansers I have tried. As for the oils maybe I’m just being too chicken to try cos I know my skin can be ‘funny’. If I ever come across a sample of the heimish balm I’ll love to try it.

  4. rjeme says:

    Because .. I can’t have enough cleaners or flannels .. because there is a purchasing embargo .. because I will dance WHEN i win .. because .. *sigh* .. just because

  5. Amy says:

    Hiya think I should win because I am simply in love with those products and you blog ROCKS👯👯👯

  6. Amy says:

    Hiya think I should win because I am simply in love with those products and you blog ROCKS👯

  7. Niks says:

    Just realized what a loooong way i’ve come since u posted this. lol, now i’ve graduated to using PC, BR, iS Clinical and Image MD all thanks to you! this time last year my face was a mess and i was too scared to go for my first chemical peel. Now, i’m so glad i took that huge expensive leap to start looking after my skin. All I’ve left to do now is start having facials. Well, as soon as my pocket recovers…

  8. Ketchi says:

    What are your thoughts on oil cleansing as part of a good regimen(double cleansing)

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