Is Social Media Ruining Your Skin?

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Raise your hand if you ever have a skin issue and the first thing you do is check Google or go on a skin “expert’s” page on Instagram and check what products they use so you can buy them as well? Yeah I used to do that too but now I know better. I would rush to order a product my favourite blogger or YouTuber touts as the best thing since sliced bread (nothing beats bread btw…but I digress) then use it, get mad it didn’t work and move to the next best thing. Not only was this bad for my pocket but it was really bad for my skin! I have bought serums, soap and all sorts people told me brightened their skin. One time someone told me to get a particular black soap as it makes you glow…of course I ran to order the soap and a month in, nothing happened!!!!!! Well, it turns out that she was using something besides the soap which I found out by accident and there I was slathering a placebo on my face and wasting my time and money. Before you buy anything your friend, favourite blogger or YouTuber claims gives them their “flawless skin”, here are some things you need to know.

  • They may have been paid to promote the product
  • They may be getting procedures done and since you are not using the product along with microdermabrasion, peels or facials you will NOT get the same result
  • You might be using the product with other products that have counteractive ingredients
  • They have a different skin type from you. While the product is great for oily skin, it doesn’t do much for dry skin or makes it worse
  • You have different skin issues than they do
  • You have not seen a dermatologist…they have and the product was prescribed
  • Or worse ………they may not be using the product at all

Before you buy anything at all, be sure you need it. Recently, I came across a French beauty product on Instagram and read the reviews on the same page. Before you could say acne, it was sitting in my basket waiting to be checked out then I had a reality check (translation: shipping cost)…do I really need this product? What will it do for my skin? Mind you my main skin concern is hyperpigmentation and the occasional hormonal breakout but this product is a cleanser and softens the skin…no other benefit. I asked myself……………..does my skin need softening?……smh! 

So what do you do when your skin is acting out and you need help ASAP

  • Know your skin type, know your skin concerns (it is not enough to want to glow).
  • If you feel is product is the one for you and its prescription only, ensure you get a prescription as this may even be dangerous (Retin A users….I see you)
  • Educate yourself; read up on the product 
  • Most importantly see a dermatologist. Trial and error usually ends badly. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still try skincare products based on social media recommendations but now I am more careful. I tried a few cleansers and serums from seeing them on handles I follow and they are now a staple in my routine but I made sure I did a lot of research; ingredients, what the ingredients do and how it will benefit my skin

Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it. Cleanse your face twice daily, eat healthy, use the right products, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and laugh a lot!

What experiences have you had with products from social media? Please share

I look forward to reading your experiences

Wishing you a filter-free existence 


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