My Bodycare Routine

My bodycare routine is one of the questions I get asked a lot. I don’t pay as much attention to my body ..well like I do to  my face. However, know that I WAS BORN LIGHTSKINNED. I emphasize this because I get some funny questions where people are lowkey asking me how to get lighter. My response to this….wrong number…LOL.

Let’s get into it.

I take two showers a day. One in the morning and one after I workout in the evening. I never use hot water. Even outside the country. I use warm water which is leaning on the cooler side of warm.Prior to now, I used the Olay exfoliating or age defying bar thanks to my mum but I would run out of my stash and buying it here…well they sell the made in South Africa version and results are not quite the same. Now I use just black soap, Dudu Osun to be precise. Though I have used several (I really loved the one from Kaeme and in uni I used the Village Fresh one frim Ghana…also really good. I dissolve the dudu osun in water and add a little oil and honey as I prefer my black soap liquid and I am not about the expensive black soap life. I use this with the bodyshop exfoliating gloves which I have used for years.

I repurposed this pump bottle to store my liquid dudu osun

Once a week,I use the kessa sponge I bought in Morocco to give myself a good scrub down. I just rinse my body, ensure its wet and scrub with kessa and black soap. DO NOT USE THE KESSA SPONGE ON DRY SKIN.On the days I have the time or remember, I dry brush with my bodyshop body brush before my shower. I brush my whole body in upward strokes towards my heart as I read it boosts circulation and helps cellulite (I don’t believe but it feels good)

Kessa Sponge

After my shower, I moisturise with Palmers Eventone Suncare Lotion SPF 50. I was so sad when I couldn’t find this anymore so will settle for the SPF 30. This is moisturising and protects me from the sun too.

In the evening, after I workout (or not…Lagos is hot and dirty) I take a quick shower. After my shower, I use the Riza Body Oil. I prefer a body oil at night as I also use it as an opportunity to massage my legs post workout.

Riza Body Oil (@rizabeauty)

Thats it. I don’t have an elaborate body routine neither do I bother with body scrubs as it can be messy in the bathroom. The kessa does all the exfoliating I need.

Hope this helps





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2 Responses

  1. Seuxn says:

    Well…. that was short. Lol

    Can you recommend something to fade out spots and scars on the leg?
    Tried so many “spot remover” they only lighten my legs
    And I really want these spots gone.

    • LOL!People lose interest when the posts are too long. Hmmm not sure I can recommend anything, you might need a peel or need to use whatever product on the spot or scar only. Hope that helps

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