My Current Evening Skincare Routine

I always say I won’t buy new products but here I am with new products in my stash…but my excuse is that I didn’t repurchase, I got new things to try instead…LOL.

I ran out of my beloved Heimish All Clean Balm and while scrolling through Instagram, I saw the BodyShop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Gel-in-Oil (what a mouthful!) and decided to get it as I previously used the facial oil and loved every single drop (full review soon). Most days, I am barefaced but I always wear sunscreen which I reapply as often as I can but occasionally, I wear make up which is usually powder alone or foundation and powder as well as mascara and lipstick.

Once I get home, I wear my hair up and wash my hands…please don’t skip this step. Then I take the Garnier Micellar water to take off my mascara and lipstick so I don’t drag it all over my face after which I now go in with the bodyshop oil of life gel cleanser. I splash water to emulsify and massage in to dissolve all the grime on my face and rinse off. Next I follow with the Biologique Recherche Lait VIP O2 cleanser after which I follow with P50 1970. Sometimes, I like to be fancy and spray rosewater (I decanted the Fresh Deep Hydration Toner into a spray bottle). I recently added the Garden of Wisdom 1% Retinol into my routine and I am loving the results so far. No stinging, no dryness and no peeling though I follow with the Stratia Skin Fortify oil. I like to get actives as close to my skin as possible and I also took out Hada Labo in the evening as I felt it was giving me whiteheads if I use it twice a day.

I also added the Garden of Wisdom 10% Mandelic Acid to my routine three times a week as I want to get rid of hyperpigmentation for good. In my opinion, this acid is highly underrated and I have high hopes for this one.

On the days I use the mandelic acid, I follow with the Stratia Skin Liquid Gold 20 minutes later as advised by the brand.

Thats it! I will write a full blogpost reviewing the Garden of Wisdom products in a month.

What is your evening routine like? Let me know in the comments section





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4 Responses

  1. IsiNelly says:

    Hahahahq Junkie…you still somehow “acquired sonething new” been wanting the body shop, but wasnt sure if to go on with DHC since i tried that and BR, making me really consider it o…you are back to this Fresh you tossed aside before..what do you know about the stone rejected by the builder???…looks like a doable routine..this GOW seems like its going to be WOW with the way you go about it..hmmm i await your review on this one…please what other active ingredients does the Retinol have? i enjoyed the post as always…keep skindulging us!! cheers

    • LOL…well technically my sister bought it for me. She had a coupon and I told her what to get. I like the DHC too but I prefer balms. I just want to use this Fresh up jare…I am pleased with the GOW I have tried so far. The retinol has grapeseed oil, gluconolactone and of course retinol

  2. Chiazor says:

    Awesome page babe. Found myself some light reading before bed. Thanks!

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