My First Biologique Recherche Facial Experience in Lagos

Hello Everyone!!!

I know it has been a while but the break was necessary for me to regroup and gather my thoughts on the direction I want to go with this blogging thing. I’m back now, so expect regular posts (on the blog and Instagram :)).

I finally went for a Biologique Recherche facial as I had been seeing too many experiences on Instagram and the dewy post-facial skin just made me want one so bad. I was super excited to find out they offered the facials at Apples & Oranges in Victoria Island as I am aware they carry the line but wasn’t sure about the facials.

I got up bright and early on a Saturday morning as I wanted to be on time (one of my pet peeves is tardiness so I try everything I can not to keep anyone waiting). Got to the spa and spoke to the really friendly staff to retrieve my booking etc. I booked a facial for my friends as well so we could enjoy it together, but sadly they couldn’t make it.

I was attended to by Blessing who looked at my skin (complimented me on the brightness btw…) and recommended the Hydraeclat Moisturising and Brightening Facial, a 1 hour moisturising, tensing treatment that makes the complexion glow and tightens the skin’s pores.

The Facial

I was given a towel-like wrap to change into, but the velcro kept coming off (I need to lose weight….sigh) and a head wrap was also used to keep hair away from my face. Blessing then informed me that I had to buy the sponge to be used for my facial!!!! I was like uh???? Shouldn’t that be part of the facial? What if I didn’t have any money??? Anyway, I saw it was a pair of konjac sponges which I get to take with me so I wasn’t too mad about that.

She started by cleansing with Lait U and followed with a second cleanse using Lait VIP O2. I can’t say enough about the VIP O2 cleanser or double cleansing. I was a bit surprised no Skin Instant was done to know what I need but moving on….. All cleansers, scrubs and masks were taken off with cold water using the konjac sponge.

Next was the Gommage P50 Corps (I think this is a body scrub though) which is a fine scrub used to scrub away dead skin. What was most remarkable about this facial was the facial massage and how they #TookItToTheTits (translation: neck, shoulders and chest were not left out). She then took off the scrub and applied Lotion P50W in a patting motion which did not surprise me as it is the correct way to apply. After the P50, she applied pure honey (Nigerian touch perhaps?) and warm steam for 20 minutes. The honey was taken off and manual and mechanical extraction was done.

A mixture of Masque Vivant and Masque VIP O2 that had been in the fridge was applied. This was soooooo soothing and felt really good! If I ever buy the masque VIP O2, I will be placing in the fridge before use!Creme Contour des Yeux Biosensible and Creme VIP O2 were also applied around my eyes The masque was left on for 15 minutes and I kept drooling at the spa sizes of the products and wondering if it would fit in my purse…LOL!

When the masque was taken off, I was surprised at how my skin looked….very clear, bright and oh so soft!!!!

Post Facial – apologies for lighting and ignore my scowl

To finish off, she applied Creme Contour des Yeux Biosensible around my eyes,  serum amniotique all over my face which I think is one of the most hydrating serums I have ever used, followed by creme VIP O2 and finished off with serum grand millesime.


Verdict: This is by far one of my top 3 facials (yet to find anyone to beat Chloe in London). I am not sure if it is a combination of the technique or they picked the right facial or the products (they used almost all the products recommended by Toska, Rescue Spa and Embassy of Beauty) but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

They also had a selection of products but they don’t sell the “1970” formula of P50 and the prices were the equivalent in dollars with some even cheaper! In true #IHaveZeroSelfControl fashion, I got myself the Creme Aux Acides des Fruits which I will review after a month as it is a one month treatment and promised to be back when they stock the VIPO2 cleanser (in fairness it was a Valentines Day present to myself…#SelfLove)

I got the Creme and the konjac sponge was sterilized for me 🙂

So…I hope I was able to vividly describe the facial and I can assure you I already have a date for my next facial. I also have plans to get a Biologique Recherche facial elsewhere (maybe NY or London) to compare technique and results.

One thing I took away from this facial is that I am better off just investing in the Biologique Recherche line than buying a ton of products as I probably just need the Lait VIP O2 and maybe Lait U, P50 1970, serum amniotique and a day and night cream…..thing is I can’t afford them but maybe if I whittle down my stash, I can and I am worried I would get bored….seriously considering it though. I followed up the week following my facial with BR products only and honestly my skin is the best it has been in a while.

Have you ever had a Biologique Recherche facial or any facial? Tell me about your experience in the comment section.

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12 Responses

  1. Bosa says:

    Sounds interesting…I’ve researched the brand, seems like it could be harsh for sensitive skin. The reviews are always stellar. I am tempted to try a BR facial, I have had regular facials at B-Natural in the past. This year, I plan to have more regular facials, what’s the first thing to look out for? Submit your face to them to decide? (this is what i have always done) or go after specifics?

    • Hi! There are different formulations of P50. I think you can wait for an assessment but you should also know what you want from the facial. I am always after hydration and removal of blackheads

  2. Nkechi says:

    Ur skin is flawless😍

  3. T says:

    First time reading your blog and I love it!

    Could you please me where Chloe is based in London?

  4. P says:


    Love this. Could you please provide details of your facialist Chloe in London.

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