My “Go and Glow” Facial Experience at The Aesthetic Clinic

I got so many questions about my facial that I had to do a blog post about it! I had been planning to book a facial with The Aesthetic Clinic for the past two months after seeing the amazing transformations on their Instagram page but something would always come up and I would need to cancel. This month, I was determined to book one as a birthday treat to myself.

My appointment was booked for 11am and I arrived at the clinic 20 minutes before my appointment. Psalmuel (the aesthetician) showed up a few minutes after I settled down in the waiting area to welcome me and handed me a questionnaire to fill just to get my basic info, medical history, allergies, previous treatments and current skincare routine (all of which I think are very important….this is why you should always go to experts who are properly trained…no shade..LOL). Shortly after, i was ushered into the treatment room.

I changed into the treatment robe which didn’t come off every second like my last facial (yay…weightloss) and a headband to get my hair away from my face and the facial commenced. First up was double cleansing, first with micellar water followed by a glycolic/salicylic acid cleanser. Next was a fine scrub using an extremely soft and rotating brush……my decolletage was not ignored! Psalmuel complimented my skin (and my nose…I didn’t get my nose done….but was happy all the money and time spent on skincare hasn’t gone to waste!). After the scrub, a suction type device was used to exfoliate my skin (microdermabrasion) followed by infusion with what I think was a serum into my skin to plump and hydrate it using the same suction device (the process I think is called a HydraFacial). Warm steam was applied for another 5 minutes.

After steaming, a mask was applied and I like the fact that a mask wasn’t just slapped on my face without considering my skin needs. He noticed my cheeks were dry so he applied a hydrating mask to my cheeks and a purifying mask to the rest of my face and decolletage for about 15 minutes. The mask was taken off and a toner was applied, followed by a spritz, moisturizer then sunscreen and that was it!.

From my broad smile you can tell I loved my facial.My skin was GLOWING. The facial is aptly named and I will definitely go back as I can feel a layer of dead skin has been lifted off my face and I am really happy there are places in Lagos to get good facials and treatments.

With any aesthetician, always let them assess your skin and decide what treatment you need at the same time know your skin concerns what results you want (none of that I just want to glow). Glowing skin is achieved through a combination of treatments and a consistent skincare routine!

Have you ever had a facial? Where? What was your experience? Please share in the comment section.



P.S – This is not a sponsored post, I just really liked my facial.


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10 Responses

  1. Ogechi says:

    Hi dear,
    It’s good to know there are places that good here in Lagos….
    I hope their prices are pocket friendly.

  2. Lucy says:

    The very first time i had a facial done was in January, in a spa in Lagos. There was no skincare background check as to what I’m allergic to. The extraction were a tad bit painful but very bearable. But from my knowledge on skincare and researches I feel she didn’t take time to observe what my skin needs cow she just slapped on the LED mask on my face😂😂😂😂 I envy your facial,I’m secretly wishing that was my face, the glow after your facial was soooo healthy and magical ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Bukky A says:

    That Glow! Wish you could bottle it and send to me.

  4. Niks says:

    I can certainly attest to that glow since i saw you that day! your face looked amazing! cannot believe you didn’t have make up on! #Goals

  5. Hdpape says:

    So what can you expect from facials? Curzi credits facials with smoother texture, proper hydration, a glowing complexion, fewer breakouts and firmer skin. “Regular treatments work,” she says.

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