My Moroccan Hammam Experience

The art of the hammam (steam bath/bathhouse) is an ancient and integral part of Moroccan life as water, which is considered sacred, and cleanliness, are essential elements of Islam. It involves scrubbing, steaming and relaxation. From the day I booked a trip to Morocco, I knew hammam would be on the cards.While I have had hammam in Abuja and Lagos, I wanted to experience it in Morocco or Turkey.

I booked at the popular Les Bains de Marrakech which promised a luxurious experience, but there was a mix up and I couldn’t get another appointment that day. The women at the first spa recommended Les Bains de L’alhambra and luckily we got an appointment within an hour of getting there. I opted for the Complete Experience which is a 45 minute session of hammam using the eucalyptus black soap, the kessa glove and ghassoul face mask with 7 plant extracts as well as a body clay wrap (took about an hour though) and costs Dhs 250 (about N10,000). I was ushered into the waiting area and asked to¬†change into a bathrobe, take a shower and lie down. I was given a cup of Moroccan tea which I don’t understand why it needs to be sweetened. I was taken back to the shower and eucalyptus black soap was applied all over my body and left on for about 5 minutes. After rinsing off, my body was then scrubbed down with a kessa sponge.The dead skin that came off…jeez!!!! What have I been washing off day and night??? She asked if she could scrub my face as well and I said okay though I was scared as I never scrub my face but she was really gentle. My face and body were so so smooth and the kerstosis pilariasis I usually have on both shoulders……GONE!

Then she applied the ghassoul face mask with 7 plants on my face and a clay wrap all over my body for 10 minutes and rinsed off. My skin felt so soft and smooth after that! No, seriously, it did guys.I then went to lie down and an ice cold jade roller with some sort of serum on it was applied as well as a cold compress to my forehead which was soothing¬† and still confirms how I feel about jade rollers…pointless….LOL. Then came the mother of all leg and foot massages. I personally feel that you can’t get a bad massage in Morocco. As I had walked most of my holiday clocking well over 10,000 steps a day on my FitBit everyday, the massage was very much appreciated. I rested for about 3 minutes and went to change. Of course I applied sunscreen on my face and body before stepping out of the spa but I would have loved a body oil or something but it was fine as the weather had cooled down by the time I left the spa

This was a truly good experience and glad I waited till the last day to do this as it felt really relaxing.

Morocco was really amazing and I will definitely go back.

Have you ever tried hammam? Did you enjoy it? Where did you get it done?



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4 Responses

  1. Cynthia says:

    Just stumbled on your blog… good stuff!
    Yeah, I have tried the Hammam once at Mb Hammam Spa in Abuja. The dead skin that came off, jeez! But, overall, the experience was great.

  2. Golda says:

    Is it the dead skin the actually comes off or the just the remnants of the black soap balling up? Human skin is not that thick.

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