Skin Treatments in Lagos – What and Where.

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2019! Hope this year is a great one for all of us.

One thing I want to start doing for my skin is get more treatments and maintain with quality products. Some of the questions I get a lot on instagram include where to get certain treatments done or questions about skin concerns which I know products alone won’t solve so I decided to write a post on clinics and spas in Lagos to get treatments.

You will agree with me that the aesthetic industry is growing really fast in Lagos and gone are the days when you need to travel before getting a decent facial or chemical peel. Five years ago when I wanted to get laser hair removal, I searched so hard and the one person I found told me to pay $350! Fast forward to 2018, we have clinics and spas offering treatments ranging from laser hair removal to chemical peels, dermaplaning, bespoke facials, fillers, vitamin and microneedling. All in Lagos!I know there is the fear of your face being damaged by an inexperienced doctor or aesthetician which is why I have come up with a list of seven clinics/spas I have been to (or someone close to me has been) and I can happily recommend. This list is by no means exhaustive neither does it mean the places not listed here are dodgy, but these are the ones I have been. There are so many others in Lagos with more springing up each day (which is why you need to go to someone who knows what they are doing).

LaserDerm Clinics – the first place I visited for laser (read my experience here).. They offer treatments like laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and facials and are also accredited stockists of Image Skincare. Their specialty is in laser hair removal, laser acne therapy and skin rejuvenation using Aerolase Laser Machine.Instagram: @laserderm_clinics

The Aesthetic Clinic – Located in Lekki, I tried the “Glow n Go Facial” here (you can read my experience here). They offer treatments like chemical peels, PRP, acne treatments,skin tag removal and their signature treatment is the TAC Glow Up which is a combination peel for hyperpigmentation. They have a team of dermatologist’s and aesthetic practitioners to help you sort out your skin. Instagram: @clinicaesthetic

Apples and Oranges Spa: one of the few places that offers Biologique Recherche facials in Lagos and they also stock their products at a very decent price. The staff are well trained and are able to select the best facial for your concern. I got a facial here and you can read my experience here.I wish they had Skin Instant to properly determine what your skin needs. Instagram: @applesandorangesng

BNatural: I recently went to BNatural for laser hair removal and I enjoyed it though it was different from what I am used to but it served the purpose. They offer treatments like chemical peels…(if you need VI Peel done, Dr Bea will sort you out) as well as bespoke facials and dermaplaning. They are in 3 locations across Lagos; Victoria Island, Oniru and IkejaInstagram: @bnaturalmedspa

Belfiore Medical: run by Dr Uju Rapu a medical doctor, specialist in aesthetic medicine and a post graduate diploma in clinical dermatology. I have had a few friends go to her for chemical peels and I am also considering going to her for electrolysis. Her specialty is  non surgical cosmetic procedures ranging from Botox, fillers and lipo to peels, microneedling, PRP, vitamin infusions and other skin treatments. Honestly when I decide to get fillers, I would go to her as I believe only Drs should do certain things as they are “delicate”. You don’t want to go in with fine lines and come out looking like you had a stroke!. Instagram: @belfiore_medical

Hello Perfect: I visited recently for dermaplaning (read about it here) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Barely a year old but getting increasingly popular for treatments like dermaplaning, chemical peels and acne treatment. Owned and run my the loverly Onyeka, an aesthetic practitioner with extensive training in laser procedures (and amazing skin if I might add) Instagram: @hello.perfect_

Skin Sholema: run by Dr Osi Awudu with branches in Lagos and Port Harcourt. He used to be elsewhere but has opened his own clinic (mainlanders, our cry has been heard). You can find brands like Dermaceutic, ZO Skin Health and Epiduo at his clinic. He is your go-to for a solid Retin-A prescription. Instagram: @skinsholema

So that’s it! I am sure you are wondering how I have been able to get so many treatments and still have jacked up skin…LOL! Well…such is life! Have you been to any of these places? What did you get done? How was your experience? What treatments are you considering this year? If you know of any others let me know.

I am happy to answer questions in the comment section




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  1. Fola says:

    Thanks for sharing. I think you used to talk about getting good facials at biyouspa , so I was hoping they’ll make the list. Pls would you recommend them for a dermaplaning or any kind of peel?

  2. Abi says:

    Thanks for the post ! I had a bad experience with one of the practices on this list I will not name names, however I’m currently loving apples and oranges because I currently pleased with biologique products. I would love to go to hello perfect some time.

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