Skinimalism; why you need to whittle down your stash.

I had said at the beginning of the year that I see this trending this year and I think I was right! I have seen quite a few pages talk about this and also practice it. Also there has been a decline in the number of “shelfies” with tons of products on display …mayne its just the pages I follow…LOL!If you have followed me for a while on Instagram, you would know I love really minimal routines with effective products.

What is Skinimalism? In the past, the Korean 10-step routine had us thinking we needed a minimum of 10 products to get clear, glowy skin (we have long seen that we can get it with far less). As the name implies, skinimalism is approaching skincare with a minimalist mindset. It aims to prove that “less is more” and the benefits are numerous. Some also define it as taking a break from skincare.

First of all, you save money, you are not quick to buy new launches or buy products you do not need. You are able to figure out what works or what you react to, you are not overwhelmed with using things up before expiry or trying to find where to fit it in your routine. Also layering too many things may lead to ingredients interfering with one another and not giving the other room to do its magic

Once you know the basics, you are able to build a routine (I wrote about that here and here)and know what you need.

Your morning routine should be focused on cleansing your face, treating and protecting while at night, you focus on cleansing that day’s grime off and treating. I never have more than a maximum of 5 products per routine just so it does not get confusing or overwhelming.

However, you need to be careful not to go from Skinimalism to Skipcare (a routine so minimal that it does nothing)…LOL

How many products are in your routine? Do you practice skinimalism or plan to? Let me know in the comments



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