UrbanSkinRx Full Review

As most of you know, throughout the month of July, I tested the UrbanSkinRx products. I was going to wait till the end of the month to write this review but you guys are so impatient….LOL! I have run out of all but 2 products. I have just the cleansing bar and the Vitamin C serum left, so here is a comprehensive review (in my opinion) of all the products I used. Enjoy reading……..

Urban Skin Rx Brand Overview

Urban Skin Rx was launched in 2010 after years of testing formulas on thousands of Clients, at our Medical Spa and Laser Center, Urban Skin Solutions. High-performance Urban Skin Rx products stand apart from typical over-the-counter skin care products in that we include higher concentrations of active ingredients as well as our products include ingredients to correct and prevent uneven skin tone, the most common concern of women of color.

“an unparalleled line of clinical skin care products, developed by Rachel Roff, a highly successful licensed medical aesthetician and certified laser technician. Ms. Roff’s goal for Urban Skin Rx is to offer scientifically researched corrective skin care products for all skin tones and colors” – Urban Skin Rx website

Products I got

I had heard of their Cleansing Bar and Eventone Night Treatment but you know I am an advocate of using the same brands together sometimes so I wanted to try several products from the range. To get a good bang for my buck, I got the Dark Spot Essentials travel kit which is a selection of products targeted at hyperpigmentation. This is a 30-day kit and it contains: Even Tone Cleansing Bar 1 oz., Dermshield All Day Sun Protection Mattifying Moisturizer SPF 30 0.5oz., Even Tone Night Treatment 0.5oz., Super C Brightening Serum 0.33 oz. and Hydrabalance Instant Moisture Infusion 0.5oz in a convenient travel bag

Description and Key Ingredients (for full ingredients list, visit the UrbanSkinRx website)

Even Tone Cleansing Bar   – Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Niacinamide, and Black Tea Leaf Extract – looks like black soap, has a chocolate minty smell

Dermshield All Day Sun Protection Mattifying Moisturizer SPF 30  – Titanium Dioxide, Acetyl Hexapeptide 8, Aloe Leaf Extract, and Green Tea Extract – doesn’t smell like sunscreen. Dunno if that makes sense. May go on looking purple but sinks in

Even Tone Night Treatment   – Kojic Acid, Retinol, and Hydroquinone 2% – no detectable scent per se

Super C Brightening Serum   – L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract, Kojic Acid, and Salicylic Acid – smells like citrus. Not sure about stability. If I get the full size, I would refridgerate it

Hydrabalance Instant Moisture Infusion – Squalane and Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) – smells like …..I can’t describe it. Not unpleasant but not the best smell. Not greasy, sinks in well and feels hydrating

My Routine

I followed the instructions that came with the card inserted in the travel kit

AM: Even Tone Cleansing Bar, Super C Brightening Serum and Dermashield All Skin Sun Protection Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 (I added the Hydrabalance after a few days as I wanted the extra hydration)

PM: Eventone Cleansing Bar, Eventone Night Treatment and Hydrabalance Instant Moisture Infusion.

P.S I was meant to use the Night Treatment on my whole face one night and as a spot treatment the next night but the way my patience is set up……..

I used the products over the 30 days but the Night treatment and sunscreen ran out 2 weeks in and the moisturiser ran out in week 3 as I used it day and night..

My Thoughts

I loved that the routine was super minimal with three products per routine which made it easy to stick to. Also, liked that there was the option of this travel size which enabled me to try several products so I can decide on what I want without breaking the bank.However, I didn’t like the fact that I had to use the sponge to get the cleansing bar but it is a bar afterall. I was really concerned about hygiene so I dipped the sponge in hot water every night after my PM cleanse. As I use a very generous quantity of sunscreen, it did leave a slight white cast but it eventually settled in. I also didn’t like the smell of the Hydrabalance…. reminded me of the body lotion A3 or something.

My Results

Below is my before and after and you can see that there is an improvement in the dark spots on my chin/jaw area

I used the circled spot on my cheek as a yardstick and it looks lighter to me. One major score was my PORES!!!They looked drastically smaller or should I say tighter, no jokes. My skin was also smoother

Final Verdict

I have always been skeptical about hydroquinone but I know it delivers if used properly. I totally enjoyed using this brand and if I were to purchase full sizes of anything at all, it would be the cleansing bar regardless of the sponge issue, the vitamin c serum and  the Even Tone Night Treatment but will ensure I use this treatment for three months only and no more or get the hydroquinone-free Dark Spot Rapid Repair just released exclusively to Target . One thing to know that your skin will not suddenly be rid of hyperpigmentation by using the cleansing bar alone, you need other products as well not necessarily from the range. The bar is basically a cleanser and I don’t know of any cleanser that solely addresses skin concerns especially hyperpigmentation. I would suggest leaving it on for about five minutes as a mask to get maximum benefits.

Finally, I don’t think even 30 days is enough to get desired results from these products and that makes me happy in the sense that it promises realistic results. You will need to use the products for at least three months or more for a dramatic difference. Overall, I would say it’s worth trying this brand if you have mild hyperpigmentation. For any deep hyperpigmentation, you may need professional treatments like peels as I won’t suggest using hydroquinone for an extended period of time.

Have you tried anything from this brand? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section





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8 Responses

  1. Gebeesq says:

    I love how you penned the review. I’m still in my first month of using the products and YES I love them

  2. Isi says:

    Thanks for the review…i would love to try the hydroquinone free one though..your face looks brighter too…love the effect on your pores….

  3. Chic benefits says:

    I literally live on your page. Lol. This is one product range I’ll love to try out. Thanks for recommending the ordinary niaciamide and zinc plus Paula’s choice bpa. I started using them yesterday. I’m positive

  4. BestOdette says:

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