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I am one of those teenagers that never had acne. My skin was clear all through university which I was happy about, given the stress that comes with medical school. Towards the end of university, I started noticing facial hair on my chin and typically I got out my tweezer and plucked the offending strands. I don’t know if I am speaking for all women with facial hair but only a few things are more satisfying than head tilted in front of a mirror, tweezer in hand and successfully pulling out a strand of hair on your chin you have not been able to take your hands off all day (okay…. maybe I’m the only one that’s weird).

My skin issues began with facial hair about 2004. I have a bit of body hair but the one on my chin gives me the most concern. The tweezing of course led to more hair and bumps from tweezing. Fast forward to 2007, I found myself in London and tried waxing my chin (I honestly don’t know what I was thinking). The reaction was out of this world!! The bumps came out angry and ready to conquer my entire jaw area. I used a product which promised to ‘banish ingrown hair’ to dry out the bumps but I was left with a million spots! I tried all sorts of products to stop the bumps and treat the spots but nothing seemed to work. I got fed up and started to hide the bumps with foundation. Turns out I was treating the effect (bumps and spots) and not the cause (ingrown hairs).

‘Ingrown hairs (pseudofolliculitis barbae) is a condition where hair on the body curls back into the skin during regrowth causing swelling which may or may not be painful. It may occur in any part of the body and affects men and women’.

In 2012, I read about laser hair removal but was not sure if it was a service offered in Lagos and I had erroneously assumed it didn’t work on black skin. Then I stumbled on a post on a blog (see why you should read my blog…) about a laser hair removal place and decided to try them. I called to book an appointment for the following day and went in. The doctor was so pleasant and made me feel comfortable. She also explained the procedure in detail and results to expect. I was sold from the pictures I saw and I paid for 6 sessions and got one free (yay!). I thought this was my only skin issue till the doctor told me I also had dehydrated skin and I needed to clear the hyperpigmentation left behind. To top it up, I started getting hormonal or should I call it adult acne across my forehead and sides of my face. This came as a rude shock as I was 30 before I started getting acne!!!

I would be honest and say I felt I could clear my skin without my dermatologist and tried way too many products but things seemed to get worse. I started doing a lot of research and learning about skincare products as well as what specific ingredients do, I also made sure I only used products recommended by my dermatologist for my skin type and things started to look up. The laser hair removal sessions, a change in my diet as well as consistency with the right skincare products and habits have all really helped to improve my skin. I still battle with the occasional dryness but my adult acne and hyperpigmentation are well under control though I am not totally flawless but I now go barefaced more than I wear makeup.

This blog will document my journey to near perfect skin, skincare tips and skin health as well as product reviews. I will reiterate that I am a medical doctor but not a dermatologist. The views expressed on my blog are mine and are not meant to serve as expert opinion. Everyone’s skin is different. Ensure you see a dermatologist if you have any skincare concerns to avoid wasting time and your hard earned money. Also any product you see on the blog was purchased with my own money but I will always indicate if I am ever given anything by a brand.

I hope you enjoy reading!


What skin issues do you have and how are you dealing with them?Let me know in the comments section



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20 Responses

  1. Fola says:

    I’m really glad you have a blog now, seeing as I’m a huge fan of your Instagram pages 💃💃💃💃💃

    Back to skin issues, dark spots/hyperpigmentation and dark circles under my eyes. I really want to see a dermatologist before is atart using stuff, but I hear private dermatologists are freaking expensive in Lagos. I also don’t know if they’re readily available in government hospitals and how long it will take to see one. My face is really just a mess ☹️

  2. Mehn that tilting your head back and tweeting I can firmly say it really is satisfying

  3. @seoulchoboja says:

    Congrats on your blog 🙂 looking forward to reading more posts. My acne started since secondary school and it’s been an ‘interesting journey’ since then. A lot of using of the wrong products especially our famous ‘Funbact A’ I’m sure you know that cream only made matters worse. I saw a dermatologist though and he prescribed panoxyl cream and retin a and everything was under control for a bit. But I had another major breakout since earlier this year. This forced me to do proper research and I was able to get information on the right products for my skin. I’ll say sulfur really help me Plus kbeauty products. Kbeauty focuses on hydration and that has helped me cos my skin was/is also dehydrated. Right now I have a routine I have been on since June and I can say my face has improved greatly. I still have major scarring though *cries in acne scars*. That’s my major wAhala now. The rolling, boxar and icepick scars. I also have hyperpigmentation. I’m hoping to incorporate products as I learn and read more that would help deal with these issues. Sorry for my long story x_x

    • I enjoyed reading your long story. I love KBeauty as well and my skin has been more hydrated since I started using KBeauty. You may need clinical procedures for the scarring. Have you heard of Laserderm?

      • @seoulchoboja says:

        No I have not. So I just googled them I guess that’s where you had your treatment for the facial hair. In as much as I want to clear the scars I’m always scared of those very ‘deep sounding’ treatments like lasers, microneedling smh at me x_x. How would you rate their pricing?

  4. remzo says:

    Yayyy.. I love the write up.. sounds like you talking. . Great job dear..

  5. Chioma says:

    Ughhhhh chin hair!!! Worst thing ever..i definitely feel your pain. Been researching laser myself but that money is not small but I bet it’s worth it! Proud of you boo ill be reading 😘😘

  6. rjeme says:

    Whooooppp!!! Well done dear.

  7. KJ says:

    Ayeeeee…acne and oiliness have been the bane of my facial troubles….

    I’ll be on here a lot!

  8. Lola Ola says:

    Super excited about ur blog Bisi! And yassssss I can relate to tweezing the heck out of ingrown hairs on d chin! My Sunday ritual … kikikikiki. Thanks for Taking the onus to share your skin care journey and for being such an inspiration. I look forward to reading your awesome articles. Xoxo

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