Skincare through the ages

One thing I notice while reviewing routines is that people don’t use the right products for their age. Those with otherwise no contraindication for retinol in their 40s are not using it or using the same skincare as their teenager. Using the right products can take your skin fromx a

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Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris a.k.a “KP” a.k.a “chicken skin’ a.k.a “strawberry legs” is a very common skin condition. It affects both children and adults. More bothersome than harmful, it is easily recognizable and can be treated at home. What is KP? It is a skin condition which occurs as a result of

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Postpartum Skincare

Postpartum is a very stressful period as you have to worry about caring for the baby, recovery from delivery, going back to work, getting your body and groove back…then add skin issues …it can all get overwhelming. Some of the skin issues women experience during this period include; stretch marks,

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My Laser Hair Removal Experience

Only a few things are more satisfying than head tilted in front of a mirror, tweezer in hand and successfully pulling out a strand of hair on your chin you have not been able to take your hands off all day (okay maybe I’m the only one that’s weird). I

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Hi Everyone
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Those who know me personally or follow me on Instagram can attest to the fact that I love skincare. Thanks to my mum and aunt, I have been very interested in skincare since I was a teenager and would try all sorts of products on my face. Luckily I didn’t get acne as a teen but age happened and my skin went crazy.




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