Physical Exfoliation…Good or Bad for your skin?

Back in the day, exfoliation was known to be mostly physical (I see you St Ives) but the popularity of “toners” have made us realize there are other ways. However, these toners are chemical exfoliants you apply with just a cotton pad or hands and go on your way, but

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Ten Things I Am Doing To “Age Gracefully”

For some reason, many women dread getting older but I think things are changing. Women are now embracing every aspect of getting older…the good, the bad and the ugly because whether we like it or not, we will all age and we have no control over that. What you DO

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Sachi Skin: A long overdue Review

I am sure you have seen several reviews on this and I am hella late but better late than ever eh? Before I start, items were sent by brand for my thoughts but I know I have to say this again, these are my honest thoughts on the products…no bias

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Hi Everyone
Thank you for visiting my blog
Those who know me personally or follow me on Instagram can attest to the fact that I love skincare. Thanks to my mum and aunt, I have been very interested in skincare since I was a teenager and would try all sorts of products on my face. Luckily I didn’t get acne as a teen but age happened and my skin went crazy.




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