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Product Review – Orma Skincare Spot Eradicator Mask

Product Name: Orma Skincare Spot Eradicator Mask Brand Info: Orma Skincare is a Nigerian and female owned luxury skincare brand aimed at providing skincare products and advice for all skin types “We create great products by enhancing botanical ingredients with effective clinical technology. However, our mission goes beyond creating effective products, but also providing skincare advice, consultations, information and reviews.… Read More »


Product Review – Tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment

Product Name: Tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment Background Info/Claims: (from Tarte website) A vegan, skin-tingling toner treatment by Tarte Cosmetics that acts as a complexion workout in a bottle to help resurface your skin & balance its pH, leaving your face in perfect shape for makeup.Packs a punch against imperfections, transforming your skin while you sleep with a 10% acid complex –… Read More »


My First Biologique Recherche Facial Experience in Lagos

Hello Everyone!!! I know it has been a while but the break was necessary for me to regroup and gather my thoughts on the direction I want to go with this blogging thing. I’m back now, so expect regular posts (on the blog and Instagram :)). I finally went for a Biologique Recherche facial as I had been seeing too… Read More »


Why You May Be Breaking Out…….

If I had a dollar for every time someone says ” I don’t know what is happening, I just started breaking out”…..I would probably be a millionaire! Ok…maybe slight exaggeration but it is not uncommon to suddenly start breaking out and get all panicky and throw tons of products at your face thereby making things worse. Breakouts are caused by… Read More »


I Used Biologique Recherche Products for a Week and This Happened……

Hi Everyone If you are part of the #SkincareCommunity on Instagram you would have noticed Biologique Recherche products are currently having a moment with their products popping up on every other post! To address my FOMO (fear of missing out; translation: lack of self control), I decided to try some and my friend Wande @glowlogbook sent over about 17 samples… Read More »


Welcome to 2018!!!

Hey Guys!!! Happy New Year and welcome to 2018 I know my first post is coming almost half way through January, but better late than never right? My year is off to a greaat start, my skin…not so much! Dealing  with a lot of hyperpigmentation and wondering why This year I have made a short “skinsolution’ list that I hope… Read More »

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Skincare Routine – Harmattan Edition

December has to be my favourite month of the year regardless of where I am! Activities wind down, there are so many parties with so much food, weather also cools down. In Lagos, it marks the beginning of the harmattan season which is characterized by dry and dusty wind and you know there is no way that will not take… Read More »

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Product Review: Jordan Samuel Skin etOILe with Retinol Treament Oil

Product Name: Jordan Samuel etOILe with Retinol Treatment Oil Background Info/Claims: Jordan Samuel Skin is a small Seattle-based brand owned by a former ballerina Jordan Samuel who is now an esthetician. After 11 years as a successful ballerina, he took on trainings and eventually opened his own clinic where he provides clients with his unique ‘Signature Facial”. He has created… Read More »

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New Skincare in My Stash

For some reason I was able to control myself and not buy a lot of skincare while I was away. I am now focused on simple and effective routines and the few purchases I made were repurchases and/or replacements. I am particularly proud as I went into my favourite stores and saw a LOT of my favourite products but I… Read More »

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My Laser Hair Removal Experience

I doubt I would be wrong to say body hair is what a lot of women struggle with, especially facial hair! My battle with facial hair began about 2004. I won’t say I am king kong but I do have a bit of body hair and the one on my chin gives me the most concern. I noticed a few… Read More »