Ten Things I Am Doing To “Age Gracefully”

For some reason, many women dread getting older but I think things are changing. Women are now embracing every aspect of getting older…the good, the bad and the ugly because whether we like it or not, we will all age and we have no control over that. What you DO have control over is HOW you age.

Ageing is a privilege and while life may happen, you can actually control how you look and feel as you get older. I turned 40 two years ago, and I had promised myself long before I turned 40 that I wanted to be a hot and healthy 40 year old (so help me God). This post was even more inspired by a 50th birthday I attended recently and these women in their 50s…good Lord…they were smokin’ hot!!!

Anyway, here is a list of things I am doing to ensure I am fit and healthy, well beyond my 40s in no particular order

  1. An age-appropriate skincare routine: if you follow me on Instagram, I don’t need to explain this. I have a day and night routine with effective products targeting my skin concerns and I stick to this daily. I don’t go to bed with make up and I shower and moisturize my skin twice a day. Skincare is face AND body in case you needed a reminder.
  2. Exercise: I will tell you one thing now, if you have not started exercising and you are over 20…please start. It gets harder as you get older. I started exercising in 2010, got serious in 2013 and I still struggle. I exercise 5 days a week and prioritize strength training. I also swim and run twice a week then I include mobility exercises once a week (this is very important if you don’t want to be bent over in old age). This has really helped me especially when I need a mood lifter. Also …aesthetics…LOL.
  3. Annual physical: I am lucky my health insurance covers a comprehensive medical exam annually. Prioritize a pap smear, mammogram, blood work (PCV, Thyroid, liver and kidney function etc). Also, I see a gynaecologist regularly. Many women are hitting menopause early and from what I have heard, it is a b*tch.
  4. Cosmetic treatments: I have been very open about getting fillers and botox and this has improved my skin and overall look. Chemical peels as well. Find a licenced and trained provider…preferably a doctor (I am biased and you are safer with a doctor). Listen to them and do not overdo it. Too much filler and botox will do the reverse…age you.
  5. Sleep: I don’t think I need to explain but struggling with this…if you need help…melatonin, calming sounds (I love falling asleep to the sound of rain), chamomile tea, magnesium then add it in. I am trying to aim for 8 hours and this happens on some days.
  6. Diet/supplements: Another area I used to struggle but doing well lately (until I cleaned up my diet, I did not see results from my workouts). I eat fruits and veggies daily, avoid processed food as much as I can, drink little to no alcohol, and watch my portions. I also drink a lot of water. Regarding supplements, I think people take too many they do not need (Nigerian mums left the chat!) Do a blood work, find out what you need based on your results or symptoms. I used to take Vitamin C, Magnesium and Evening Primrose Oil but now I take just a daily vitamin when I remember
  7. Therapy: or at least someone to bounce things off. Make sure your therapist is not religiously or culturally biased and better still knows what they are doing.
  8. Stress relief: massages, letting go of things I can’t control, multiple orgasms (lol), music, talking to friends, restful holidays, to-do lists, avoiding stressful situations and (most)people
  9. Outsourcing: even with global inflation, when I need to get stuff done and I can afford to pay someone else to do it, then I do.
  10. Prayer/Journaling: I don’t care what people say about journaling, it works for me. I have journaled since uni and sometimes, I go back to read my thoughts and laugh. I also write my prayers and on days I am feeling defeated, I go back to read them as I usually tick them off when they are answered. What people say about an attitude of gratitude? they are right.

Phew…this was a lot! I pray the universe aligns with my plans because no matter how much we plan or do the right thing, our fate lies in God’s hands but I will at least try my best.

What are you doing to ensure you “age gracefully”? I will be reading the comments.

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