Diet & Skincare: What is the link?

Sorry this is not about how dairy is linked to acne….LOL

January is synonymous with fad diets…”new year, new me”. Everyone is eager to lose the weight from overindulgence at Christmas and desperate to show up at work or a party looking snatched. What do they do to lose the weight fast? Juicing! An insane quantity of leafy salads or their interpretation of intermittent fasting.

While it will get them the results they want, your skin (and hair) will pay for it. Crash diets and extreme diets result in loss of skin elasticity, lines are more obvious, insomnia, hormonal issues and you may end up looking older. For healthy skin, you need healthy fats, protein and vitamins which are removed or labelled “bad foods” in fad diets.

When we started the skincare course and @oribytiti included sessions on nutrition, I was able to learn a few things as I will be honest with you, many doctors and estheticians are not taught this in beauty school or medical training. Nutritionists and dietitians exist for a reason and this is not confined to acne. My mum currently works with a dietitian because she wants to and I can tell you, her skin is popping along with the other health benefits!

To lose weight AND have healthy skin, here are some DO’s and DON’T’s

  • Eat an ADEQUATE diet; the word balanced has been phased out. Don’t eat what the next person is eating. I love smoothies and salads as it is a surefire way for me to get in more fruits and veggies but I make it part of my meal not my main meal. Remember that a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight but not these 1,000 calories a day meal plans.
  • Get a good skincare regimen; good cleanser, antioxidants, moisturizer, sunscreen and retinol
  • See a professional when you need more help. The answer is not always on Instagram or YouTube. A dermatologist, nutritionist, dietitian, GP, specialist, wellness expert…
  • Don’t take supplements haphazardly. You cannot supplement your way to good skin
  • Don’t smoke
  • Exercise and often as you can…boosts circulation, release endorphins, mental health…list is endless.
  • Watch the alcohol
  • Get enough sleep…this is important even for weightloss. You don’t want cortisol building up.
  • Make it a lifestyle, that way, it isn’t a chore. When Mel says #ItsALifestyleHun, your health and wellness should be part of this too!

If you need help with your diet and tips on eating well without starving yourself, follow @askddietitian and @healthyeverydayliving on Instagram.

I hope this helps someone



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