Sachi Skin: A long overdue Review

I am sure you have seen several reviews on this and I am hella late but better late than ever eh?

Before I start, items were sent by brand for my thoughts but I know I have to say this again, these are my honest thoughts on the products…no bias whatsoever and I was not paid to say nice things.

I was initially sent the Triphala and Complexion Clarifying Accelerator (CCA) by the lovely Farah,creator and founder of Sachi Skin. By the time I used the Triphala for ten days, I ordered the 60 mls of the Triphala! That’s a lot for me as not many products deliver results that quickly. My skin was glowier, brighter and clearer. I also used the CCA and thought it was mild but boy was I wrong!I can’t use it daily. I also added a retinol to the mix as I found that retinol enhances results from pigmentation serums. I have an initial review on Triphala and CCA on my instagram page so I won’t write a lot about it here.

When she released the Retinal, she also sent me that so I used all three products together just to see and here are my thoughts:

Triphala: worked very well to lift pigmentation and made a huge difference. I am on my 3rd bottle and I have ordered the 60mls again. I used it twice a day (I advise this for pigmentation serums). During the day, I used it after cleansing or after my toner and followed with moisturiser and sunscreen and at night after a double cleanse and followed with CCA or Retinal/Retinol. It layered well with other products, sunk in beautifully, smells like honey sweets (baba dudu for Nigerians…LOL), zero irritation or stinging neither is it pore clogging. I tell you, it is perfection as it ticked all the boxes. If you can only afford one product in the line, make it this one! I see this being in my routine for a long, long time.

Triphala ten days apart

Complexion Clarifying Accelerator: an acid complex. I had never heard of Dioic acid so was curious. I started off three nights a week just so I don’t overexfoliate. I would use this after the Triphala and some nights I added the Retinal . If you are breaking out or have acne then you need this. One con about this is the fact that its a bit sticky as it contains manuka honey but this goes away. A dream texture too.

Ursolic Acid & Retinal Overnight Reform : her newest product. A bright yellow cream. Contains Ursolic acid (new to me), retinaldehyde, backuchiol, glutathione and niacinamide. I used this also 3 to 4 nights a week but currently on daily use. I liked the results from using all 3 products in one night but I couldn’t do that daily. This also ticked all the boxes for me…in terms of treating texture and pigmentation. If you are a newbie with actives, please proceed with caution. If this were a person, I would call them a gentle giant. This was at par with some other retinal product I had tried. Strong without being irritating and I could have used this day and night (not asking you to do this). You don’t need to follow this with a moisturiser as it is not drying.

I have three retinoids in my routine but retinal would always be part of the three. Please note that if you are already on Tretinoin, this would not replace it..IMO but it’s a good one to add in if you don’t want to use Tretinoin more than once a week.

Pic courtesy @sachiskin Instagram

For more info on the brand, ingredients etc, visit

Have you tried anything from this brand? How did you like it? Do you have your eye on anything from the brand? I honestly can’t wait for more releases from the brand….perhaps sunscreen next?



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  1. Now i am looking forward to trying it. I will check if they ship to Canada. Thank you Bisi for always testing on our behalf.

  2. I am using all 3 at the moment and like you saw results. My skin is brighter and texture has greatly improved. Thanks for sharing

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