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Ridiculously Simple Skincare Routine For Lazy People/Beginners

I know most of you look at my routines on my Instagram page like “who has the time for all this?”….However, if you have skin concerns or you want glowing skin, you need to stick to a skincare routine. It is really easy to get confused looking at pages on Instagram or watching YouTube videos especially for beginners and you… Read More »


Why You May Be Breaking Out…….

If I had a dollar for every time someone says ” I don’t know what is happening, I just started breaking out”…..I would probably be a millionaire! Ok…maybe slight exaggeration but it is not uncommon to suddenly start breaking out and get all panicky and throw tons of products at your face thereby making things worse. Breakouts are caused by… Read More »

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Product Review: Jordan Samuel Skin etOILe with Retinol Treament Oil

Product Name: Jordan Samuel etOILe with Retinol Treatment Oil Background Info/Claims: Jordan Samuel Skin is a small Seattle-based brand owned by a former ballerina Jordan Samuel who is now an esthetician. After 11 years as a successful ballerina, he took on trainings and eventually opened his own clinic where he provides clients with his unique ‘Signature Facial”. He has created… Read More »

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My Laser Hair Removal Experience

I doubt I would be wrong to say body hair is what a lot of women struggle with, especially facial hair! My battle with facial hair began about 2004. I won’t say I am king kong but I do have a bit of body hair and the one on my chin gives me the most concern. I noticed a few… Read More »

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Is Social Media Ruining Your Skin?

Raise your hand if you ever have a skin issue and the first thing you do is check Google or go on a skin “expert’s” page on Instagram or YouTube channel and check what products they use so you can buy them as well? You are not alone! I used to do that too but now I know better. I… Read More »

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Hello and welcome to my blog I am one of those teenagers that never had acne. My skin was clear all through university which I was happy about, given the stress that comes with medical school. Towards the end of university, I started noticing facial hair on my chin and typically I got out my tweezer and plucked the offending… Read More »