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My evening routine is one of the favourite parts of my day as I don’t just see it as cleansing my face. When I have the time, I make a cup of tea or light a candle but most days I just get into it. By saying evening I don’t mean late at night, I do my routine as soon as I get home …Let’s get into it.

One of the top tips for great skin is double cleansing. Even if you don’t wear make up. As long as you wore SPF, you have to double cleanse

1st Cleanse: Oil or balm cleanser or Micellar water. Depends on your preference. Also I prefer to take off eye and lip make up first instead of using my oil or balm to rub mascara and lipstick across my face but that is just my preference. For extra exfoliation or if there is a residue from the balm or oil I use a flannel.
2nd Cleanse: your actual cleanser to clean your face. It could be the cleanser you used in the morning but I would advise you have at least two cleansers. One for morning, one for evening.
Tone: I use a toner twice a day but the toner I use depends on the other products in my routine.
Treat: usually retinol but depends on what you are treating. Pigmentation may require arbutin, hydroquinone, vitamin c, retinol etc or you could be treating dry skin so you need hyaluronic acid. If you are over 25, I strongly suggest retinol.
Moisturise: any moisturiser of your choice will do and if you are extra top up with an oil but I have laid off facial oils.

That’s it. Simple and straightforward enough (in my opinion)

Whatever combination of products you use, make sure you tailor it to your needs.

Hope you enjoyed reading. I would love to know your night routine. Let me know in the comments



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  1. Waiting earnestly on my hydroquinone 2% order. It’s been over 8 months and my hyperpigmentation isn’t budging so I’m thinking of mixing my retin-a with hydroquinone.

    Please does one need an oil cleanse if they only wear light weight sunscreen and primer? Thanks

    1. Hi. As long as you wore sunscreen you need to double cleanse. Also regarding the retin A and HQ. The Dr who prescribed it might be in a better position to answer as I don’t know your skin history


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