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One thing I notice while reviewing routines is that people don’t use the right products for their age. Those with otherwise no contraindication for retinol in their 40s are not using it or using the same skincare as their teenager. Using the right products can take your skin fromx a 10 to a 100 and it doesn’t have to break the bank. So here is a guide to what to do at each age:


Main concern at this age is oil balance and prevent or treat acne. A simple routine is all you need, cleanse, tone, moisturise and protect is fine. If it is really severe acne, you might need to see a dermatologist. Retinol is not needed at this age.


All the uni stress, partying and late nights are bound to take a toll at this age. Acne might worsen, hyperpigmentation from being outside a lot, dehydration, side effects of skincare experiments plus a less than healthy diet etc. Carry on with the routine from your teens but add a serum and once you cross 25, consider adding retinol. Your routine should be cleanse, tone, treat, moisturise and protect during the day and double cleanse, tone, treat, moisturise Consistency will help you a lot as well as a healthy diet. Whatever you do, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs!


The skincare sins of your twenties are beginning to catch up with you, stress of a 9 to 5 or running a business or both, pregnancy, childbirth, the list is endless. Focus here is correcting that damage that may arise from acne, pigmentation, dark circles and the first signs of ageing.You need to start considering more quality skincare brands and professional treatments. The principles are the same as your twenties; cleanse, tone, treat, moisturise and protect during the day and double cleanse, tone, treat, moisturise. Consider facials and/or a chemical peel if necessary.


I turn 40 next year and I won’t lie, I am considering fillers and baby botox but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Focus at this age is reversing damage and maintenance as you may experience worsening pigmentation, loss of collagen (saggy skin and loss of volume), dullness, fine lines and wrinkles. Same routine as your 30s is fine as well as quality skincare and professional treatments.


Menopause!!! Caroline Hirons talks about this a lot. It comes with all sorts of skincare issues; thinning skin, dryness, dullness, deep lines etc. Same routine as your 40s but get a heavy duty moisturiser and a good hyaluronic acid serum, use a solid retinol, get professional treatment.I would tell you that many women in this age group who started early are reaping the benefits. If you want to join the Black Don’t Crack Brigade, start early. Prevention is better than cure as they say

Whatever your age, with a consistent routine, great diet and daily use of SPF, you can’t go wrong.

Are you using the right approach for your skin? Are you using age appropriate skincare?



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  1. Great post!Oh yeah, we really start doing penance for all the sins of our 20s in the 30s…… tell me abarit…..

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