Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I knowww a blog post finally…LOL. We can all agree 2020 was indeed a tough year for everyone, more so the skincare community with the numerous lockdowns. However, it’s a new day and a new year so we need to just keep going. I mentioned a few of my skincare goals on my Instagram stories and if you missed it, they are; using better quality products (looking at a few items from ZO Skinhealth), getting serious with laser (haven’t had a session in two years), facials as well. I also want to prioritise self care.
This year, I see peptides taking the front seat and more people leaning towards “Skinimalism” which is using fewer products that deliver exceptional results. I also think more people will look at professional treatments but given lockdown in most places, at-home devices may continue to be more popular.
I have quite a few things lined up – more blogging, more videos/tutorials and lives. Also more informative content.
I hope this year bring all you desire and you achieve all your skin goals. Hopefully I will be consistent with blog posts this year…LOL.


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Those who know me personally or follow me on Instagram can attest to the fact that I love skincare. Thanks to my mum and aunt, I have been very interested in skincare since I was a teenager and would try all sorts of products on my face. Luckily I didn’t get acne as a teen but age happened and my skin went crazy.




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