The Power of 3

There is a lot of noise in the skincare world and this may leave you dazed and confused regarding what to use in your routine. Whatever your skin type is, you can’t go wrong with what is referred to as “The Power of 3”.

What is the power of 3? Targeted skincare using an antioxidant, retinol and sunscreen to fight signs of environmental damage, oxidative stress and sun damage for “youthful”, healthy and glowing skin.

While ageing is something totally out of our control, the skincare we choose can help our skin look better as we go through this natural process. Habits like smoking, poor diet, excessive alchol consumption all play a role in formation of free radicals (reactive molecules that damage DNA protein and cellular structures). Even if you don’t have these habits, UV damage externally is known to lead to free radical formation as well.

Antioxidants have since been touted as the best ingredients to “reverse” this damage. They help to fight pollution, firm your skin, brighten complexion and fight wrinkles.

Whenever antioxidants are mentioned, everyone thinks Vitamin C but there are loads of other antioxidants – retinol, niacinamide, resveratrol, vitamin E , Coenzyme Q10, lycopene, pycnogenol etc. You can also get antioxidants from your diet in form of berries, green tea, carrots, spinach and lean meats.

Retinol- though it is also an antioxidant (I bet most people believe it is an exfoliant) but it is known as the gold standard for anti-ageing. Helps fight lines and wrinkles, smoothens your skin and helps pigmentation as well. Personally, I prefer clinical brands for my retinol products because of the science backed and evidence-based results

Sunscreen- the lady of the moment. Now more than ever, there is awareness on the need to wear sunscreen to prevent pigmentation, ageing and skin cancer. Everyone needs sunscreen…yes even black people. A white cast is always the top excuse for not wearing one but here is a list of sunscreen that do not leave a cast on darker skin tones

How do I use my Power of 3? Use your antioxidant during the day or as stated by the brand and finish off your morning routine with sunscreen before wearing make up. At night, after you double cleanse, use your retinol. For even better protection, layer niacinamide and retinol.

So tell me….what products are in your power of 3?

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  1. Power of 3! Love eet.
    My 3 are Niacinamide (squared 😉), sunscreen & retinol (jjc). Retinol is the latest addition to my routine. Thanks to you 😘

  2. Nice! I have Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Reservatrol (in my PC antioxidant concentrate serum) as my current antioxidants in rotation. I love Retinol too – I’m currently using PC 1% but I have my eyes on the Neostrata because of you. Oh and sunscreen goes without saying 😄

  3. I have the image Vital C vitamin C serum, the Altruist Sunscreen (cream and fluid) because if you and the Naturium retinol (layer it with their Niacinamide serum)

    1. Hi,retinod,niacinamid and Abscorbic/arbutin.Im currently using differin gel at night to combat acne, I alternate with Niacinamide, can I use both on same night? I know retinol works well paired with Niacinamide just not sure if same goes for differin.

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